Spotlight on Wildflower Dresses

March 04, 2019 3 min read

One of our most beloved pieces at Wild Blossoms is the Wildflower Dress ...

This beautiful, bohemian-inspired dress is lovingly handmade by artisans in Ecuador, each dress being a unique original with no two pieces having the exact same colours or embroidery.

Girls everywhere love this dress; it is simple enough to play freely in every day, but also pretty enough for special occasions. 

What makes this dress extra special for me is that it is sourced through a cottage industry which supports women locally in the region where it is made. 

The dresses are embroidered and finished with incredible detail and skill by women who work out of their own homes, which gives them the ability to contribute to the household finances while still being able to look after their families. 

Our Wildflower dresses are made by the talented, hard-working women of a small city in Ecuador. These talented people are very adaptable, and they have managed to transform their ancient hand-sewing techniques in textiles into an on-demand product. This skill and adaptability are partly why they still prosper today and survive as a culture, without losing their identity

Cottage industries keep families together. The women are able to pass on teachings such as language, tradition and the textiles skills themselves onto their children. The unique characteristics of the culture continue to be preserved and live on in the next generation.

These beautiful dresses are the creation of a wife and mother named Mercedes.  Mercedes grew up very poor and her family survived on raising sheep and selling the wool as a raw material.  

At home, Mercedes learned to operate a manual loom and soon began making ponchos and blankets to sell.  She moved into other types of clothing for both adults and children, and eventually she began working with cotton. She began designing and making these adorable, embroidered dresses which have been very successful and popular. 

While Mercedes still embroiders when she has the time, the majority of the work is given to local housewives who work in their own homes, so they may earn much needed income while still fulfilling their domestic roles. Working in this way is necessary, as still today many husbands will not permit their wives to work outside the home. 

Wild Blossoms began with my own love of crafting beautiful clothes so I appreciate how much time and effort goes into making these beautiful pieces. I now love being able to source and sell clothes that promote women in the manufacturing industry, including in Ecuador and also Bali where most of our pieces are made.

Mass produced clothing, I believe, doesn’t last as long or feel as good, but worst of all, this industry can be guilty of not supporting the workers and communities that it relies upon to make them. 

I am proud of the wages and conditions offered to the workers who produce our clothes, as well as the empowerment and independence that this work provides. Like mothers anywhere, the dream is to be able to work from home and earn money, while still being able to do what is best for her children.  

Our Wildflower dresses come in white and natural. We also have available a super-cute Wildflower top recently added to the collection.


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Beautiful girls dress

Very happy once again with my purchase from Wild Blossoms. This dress is beautiful and great quality, perfect for summer. The customer service and delivery is always fantastic too!

Versatile top

This top is great for my 3 year old. A very stretchy loose neck which makes it super easy for her to dress/undress herself. Looks great with casual denim shorts or can easily be dressed up!

Beautifully unique

I ordered this gorgeous top for my 3 year old in a size 6 so that she can wear it as a dress this summer and a top in the coming years. The detail around the neckline is even more beautiful in person. Very happy with this purchase!

Girls Mini Skirt ⁓ Wild Rose
Flowy and pretty

My daughter loves her skirt and feels very pretty in it.
Great length and the elastic waist is great for a long wearing fit.
Cute little personal letter in the package and a bonus scruchie which is very cute.
Love the quality of Wild Blossoms. Will continue to purchase from here

Such a beautiful romper and

Such a beautiful romper and the packaging came with a personally signed off thank you card which shows that Wild Blossoms care for their products as well as their customers. I'll definitely be buying from here again. Thank you!