The Wild Blossoms Story


Wild Blossoms brings beautiful bohemian-inspired fashion to all barefoot dreamers and free-spirited young folk out there.

Founder and designer, Marina, adores creating and curating whimsical garments for toddlers to tweens. It was her own free-spirited nature that saw Marina bid farewell to her corporate job; swapping her keyboard for a needle and thread. 

Aspiring to build a brand where beautiful fashion could integrate organically with a carefree lifestyle, she hand stitched her first garment and Wild Blossoms was born. That was five years ago, and—not surprisingly—her passion has grown every day since! 

Marina designs with the belief that the process should be as enjoyable and full-of-love as the end result.  She relishes in uncovering bolts of beautiful fabrics from faraway places, as well as sourcing whimsical prints from hidden gems locally. 

Demand for Wild Blossoms’ signature clothing has transformed the brand from a solo affair to a larger operation based in magical Bali where the garments are ethically made by Balinese artisans who Marina collaborates with each season to create fun, girly bohemian designs that are versatile, trans-seasonal, and creative in their simplicity. 

The young brand’s vision is to create clothes that girls love to wear—over and over again. As well as being visually gorgeous, they have wash ‘n’ wear appeal, and are truly comfortable and breathable for adventures on a hot summer’s day.

Marina regularly puts her designs to the test by asking her 13-year-old daughter—and Wild Blossoms' model—Lucy, for her input. Lucy’s wardrobe is now brimming with the latest Wild Blossoms' designs, and Marina has proven she knows a thing, or three, about creating appealing young fashion. The brand's simple silhouettes and easygoing aesthetic captures the hearts of young bohemian beauties—and possibly down the track, little gypsy gents too. Not wanting to miss out on the colour and excitement, Marina’s son Leo has put in a special request for a boho boys' range.

Wild Blossoms’ selection of floating dresses, colourful kaftans, and relaxed-fit harem pants capture the heart of bohemian style. A selection of unique handmade garments sourced globally, such as the Wildflower Dresses and tops from South America, round out the Wild Blossoms' collection. 

The Wild Blossoms' story demonstrates how vision, passion and gypsy spirit can lead you on a really beautiful adventure! Please, sit back and browse the collection. Hopefully you’ll find the perfect piece to light up the face of a little one you love.